Safe and secure have worked hard to streamline our services making what we offer very clear and concise. Essentially we have developed four main services we are presenting to our landlords in simple packages. Our focus is that you, our customer, will understand exactly what service you will receive.


Introduction Package

This is our introduction only package designed for those customers who would like us to merely source them a suitable tenant.

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Standard Package

This is our Standard Management Package and is designed for our customers who would like us to source a suitable tenant and collect the rent on their behalf.


Full Management Package

This is our comprehensive package and is designed for customers who want complete management of their property.

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Landlord Support

This package is a new concept which we have designed, aimed at providing landlords with an opportunity to address any concerns they have in relation to their property.

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Tailor-made Options

Wherever you are and you want to go, we provide you extremely hot and continuously updated property list.

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If any of the above management packages do not fit your specific requirements then the Safe and Secure team will tailor make a package to accommodate all your needs. Essentially, we are here to protect your investment and what we guarantee is we will go The Extra Mile.

*All Prices and Packages are negotiable, so please get in touch if you would like to discuss this further. Thank you Gordon and Michael.